Thai Massage in Kharadi Pune

Details - Thai Massage

Unlike most Western bodywork modalities, Traditional Thai Massage is done with the client fully clothed in loose, comfortable clothing that allows for stretching. No oils or lotions are used. The massage is done on a mat on the floor. Pillows and other props are often used in order to allow the client to be comfortable in various positions. Blankets and other covers may be used to keep the client warm during a session.

A session may last 60/90 Min. When done well, a Thai Massage flows and has a meditative dance-like quality. Intuition, mindfulness and spiritual focus are considered to be part of the work done by a Thai Massage practitioner

The exact sequence and the type of work done will vary from practitioner to practitioner and from client to client. Some sessions will spend more time with acupressure on the sen lines while others may spend a great deal of time doing stretches. Sometimes, herbal balls are part of the treatment, where heated packets of Thai herbs are placed on various areas of the body to relax them and/or are used to apply pressure or tapotement to the client.

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