Balinese Massage in Kharadi Pune

Details - Balinese Massage

Balinese style, is our signature massage which influences all our massages at Oceanic Spa Kharadi.

Oceanic Spa Kharadi's Balinese massage combines a unique blend of stretching, long flowing strokes and forearm moves by your therapist, creating a massage that feels like we have more than two hands. Using warm oil and hands in this flowing massage to release the mind at the same time as relaxing your body, to help it let go of your muscle tension.

It takes nurturing and time to ease stress from your body. Therefore, this massage is better suited to a light or medium pressure to achieve results.

Ask us about upgrading to a longer massage or maybe you would prefer a unique mantra, hot rock or chi massage or include magnesium oil or anti-ageing oil to your massage for ultimate relaxation and improved wellness. We do not offer deep tissue or remedial massage at Oceanic Spa Kharadi as our focus is on relaxation.

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