Couples Massage in Kharadi Pune

Details - Couples Massage

Have you ever had a really good massage and wanted to share the experience with someone? Did you know that as part of our 1.4m makeover, the Oceanic Spa Kharadi now has its very own couples massage room! Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just fancy a treat, now you can share this wonderful experience with your other half. Here are some of the benefits of enjoying a couples massage:

Try Something New

Although it’s always great to spend time with your other half, date night can become a bit boring and repetitive. There are only so many places to eat or films to see in the cinema. Try something different and treat yourselves to a relaxing massage together in our top of the range couples massage room. Sharing new experiences and trying a new activity together will strengthen your bond as a couple.

Mind Your Minds

Massages have been proven to have many physical benefits but can also improve your mental wellbeing. Massages can help to relieve anxiety and stress and give you some headspace, away from your busy lives. Being fully relaxed and stress-free can encourage mindful and thoughtful conversations between couples and allow the lines of communication to open up further. Your relationship will benefit from you both being calm, relaxed and in the moment.

Time Alone

It’s often hard to find time to spend alone together without the pressures of finances, family life and busy work schedules. Luckily our couples massages don’t require time off work or an overnight stay. Make time for your partner and your relationship by taking just 60 minutes out of your busy lives to spend together. Spending this quality time together and sharing this new experience will give you time away from your family to concentrate solely on yourself and your partner, strengthening your friendship and relationship.

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