Chocolate Massage in Kharadi Pune

Details - Chocolate Massage

Chocolate is generally considered bad for the skin and responsible for problems such as skin breakouts and acne. However, thanks to a recent trend in spa treatments, chocolate is now being viewed in a more positive light.

Chocolate Massage Oil

The best chocolate massage oil should contain a large percentage of cocoa paste along with vegetable or almond oil. Cocoa paste is high in minerals, vitamins and may contain small flecks of cocoa beans as well making it ideal for exfoliation and skin peels. Chocolate massage oil helps improve circulation and softens the skin leaving it looking bright and youthful. In addition, the chocolate scent helps relax and soothe the body and mind and creates a more decadent therapeutic experience.

Before using any new massage oil such as chocolate, always do a small skin test to make sure there is no allergic reaction. Heating the massage oil gently before use will also improve the application process and encourage deeper moisturizing.

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